CLMC Rules & Regulations


1.         Every tenant will be required to have a certificate of insurance furnished to us directly from their insurance agency before occupying any slip.  We require a minimum of $500,000 in liability coverage and that Clear Lake Marine Center is listed as an “additional insured”.  It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that they are in compliance at all times.  Failure to comply will result in a $100.00 fee assessment to their account, and if none is provided or on file with the marina, you will be asked to leave CLMC.

2.         Should tenant require work done to the boat while in the slip, including mechanical, detailing, stereo installation, etc., advance request must be cleared through the marina office.  Individuals / Contractors must have a Certificate of Liability insurance on file with CLMC before allowed to work on the premises.  Any costs incurred for damage caused by unapproved contractors / individuals are the responsibility of the owner.


3.         DO NOT DISPOSE OF OIL IN THE CANS, DUMPSTERS OR ANYWHERE WITHIN THE MARINA.  Please take oil to a place which accepts used oil.  No gasoline, flammables or batteries are to be left on the dock.  Batteries must be removed from the marina and taken to an approved disposal site.


4.         No cooking grills are to be used while on the docks.  Please place grills off the dock space and into the parking area while in use.

5.         Do not store supplies, materials, accessories or debris on any walkways.  No carpeting is allowed on docks, finger piers or pilings.

6.         No modification of docks or piers will be allowed.

7.         Dock boxes are the responsibility of the slip tenant.  Please keep them locked at all times for security reasons and to prevent wind damage. Standard dock boxes are acceptable versus the cabinet-style storage boxes.

8.         No major repairs may be performed on any boat while in its slip.  Repairs are to be made in the boatyard or designated work slip with the marina’s approval.  CLMC will have authority to determine what amount of work constitutes major repairs.

9.         No sub-letting of slips or transfers of crafts within a slip will be allowed without prior permission of the marina.

10.        When tenant expects to have their craft out of the slip for more than one week, please provide advance notice to the marina.  CLMC may use this slip for other purposes during this period.

11.        CLMC is not responsible for any losses or damages to boats while in the marina.

12.        Any boat which may sink in the marina must be immediately removed by the tenant.  If not removed within 24 hours, CLMC will have the boat removed at the boat owner’s expense.

13.        No craft fueling or fuel transfer will be permitted in slips or at the dock.

14.        Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, etc., are not allowed on docks.

15.        No plastic tarps are allowed on any boat.

16.        All water hoses at slip must have a spray nozzle.

17.        Holiday/decorative lighting will be permitted one week after Thanksgiving, and must be removed no later than one week past New Years Day.


18.        There is a No Wake Policy in effect at all times while boats are within the marina.

19.        No trash is to be thrown overboard.  Please place all trash in the cans provided at the dock.

20.        No holding tanks or sewage is to be discharged within the marina or restroom facilities.


21.        Please report any damage / problems with the boat lifts to the marina office.  Tenants who continue to operate the lift in their slip subject the lift to further damage and may be assessed charges incurred by doing so.

22.        Lifts should be unplugged while not in use.  Tenant has received a copy of CLMC lift operating instructions, if applicable.


23.        Disorderly or improper conduct or vandalism by any tenant or their guest(s) that may cause injury to a person, cause damage to property or harm the reputation of the marina will be cause for immediate eviction from the marina.

24.        Please use discretion when operating motors, generators, bilge pumps, televisions, stereos, etc. so as not to create a nuisance to your neighbors.

25.        Tenants will be responsible for damage caused to other boats or marina property caused by themselves or their guests or invitees.

26.        Parents will be held responsible for the behavior of their children.  Complaints of unruly behavior or vandalism are taken seriously.

27.        Pets are to be kept on a leash at all times while on marina premises.  Owner must clean up after their pets.


28.        CLMC has the right to inspect all boats in the marina to determine seaworthiness and acceptable appearance and adhere to the local and federal fire and safety requirements.

29.        All boats should be kept in a seaworthy and clean condition and not constitute a hazard and should be equipped with lights and a functioning engine.

30.        All boats need to be tied up in the slip in a manner acceptable to the marina, or may be subject to removal by CLMC after notice to the tenant or CLMC will adequately tie up the boat and assess a service fee of $50.00.


31.        Tenants will record their home and business addresses and telephone number as a mutually protective measure.  Please advise the office of any changes.

32.        Boats not marked or identified as required by law will not be permitted in the marina.

33.        No advertising or soliciting will be permitted on any boat within the marina.  No business may be conducted from any boat.

34.        Vehicles parked on the premises must have current license tags and safety stickers and be in good running order.  At the discretion of CLMC, vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense.

35.        No repairs of vehicles may be performed on marina premises.

36.        There will be a $30.00 charge for returned checks.  Restitution must be made by cash, money order or cashier’s check.

37.        A late fee of $25.00 shall be assessed for payments received after 10 (ten) days from the due date as outlined in paragraph 11 of the lease contract.  Rent payments will be applied to the oldest open invoice(s).

38.        A fee of $75.00 will be assessed should CLMC need to pump your boat.

39.        A fee of $100.00 will be assessed if a boat is secured to its slip for any reason.  Boats will NOT be unlocked on weekends.

40.        Should circumstances arise requiring notification to tenant by certified mail delivery, your account will be assessed a $20.00 administrative fee.

41.        Boats moored in slips at “F” Dock will be metered for electricity and payment is the responsibility of the tenant.


42.        No boats, trailers, RV’s may be parked / stored on the marina grounds.  No vehicles may be stored on the premises.

43.        Tenants and their guests are required to clean up after themselves.  Guests are the responsibility of the tenant.

44.        Tenant acknowledges receipt of and will abide by current Hurricane Plan.